International University of Applied Sciences (IUBH), Dublin


IUBH has extensive partnerships with universities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The degree programmes are accredited by the FIBAA or the Accreditation Council. IUBH has been recognized as a private university by the Council of Sciences for the maximum possible period of ten years. The Institute has integrated an internship into the Bachelor degree programmes. The professors and lecturers are professionally qualified both at a domestic and international level and attach great importance to the close integration of theory and practice.

The Institute offers courses in: International Management, Aviation Management, Computer Science, Digital Business, International Event Management, Hospitality Management, International Marketing Management, Big Data Management, Computer Science, Engineering Management, Engineering Project Management, International Finance & Accounting, International HR Management, International Health Care Management, IT Management, Transport & Logistics Management. In addition to regular studies, the Institute offers a Career Preparation Programme to help students prepare for entry into the job market through workshops, individual coaching and numerous opportunities for networking.