New Zealand Borders reopen-5000 students to enter in July 2022

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March 26, 2022  /  By Admin

A new cohort of up to 5,000 international students was announced by the Government on 3 February 2022, as part of a five-step plan to reopen Aotearoa New Zealand’s borders.
These students will be able to enter New Zealand with special permission as a border class exception, through a centrally managed process. They will be able to start their study in New Zealand from mid-2022.

Only education providers can nominate students to be part of Cohort 4.
Places for the 5,000 students have been allocated across the education sector as follows:
University 1,450
Te Pūkenga 700
School (year 9 – 13) 1,000
Private Training Establishment (PTE) (including pilot training) 850
English Language School 1,000

Education providers will make initial decisions about how to fill their allotted places with eligible students. Education providers will submit information on these students to education agencies. Education agencies will confirm that the students meet the criteria and nominate these students to Immigration New Zealand. If approved for nomination, the students will then be able to make a formal request for travel to New Zealand and then to apply for a student visa.

Expected timings are as follows:

Mid-March 2022 – decisions begin to be communicated to individual education providers about the number of places they have been allocated
Mid-late March 2022 – education providers begin nominating students
13 April 2022 – the request for travel process opens for nominated cohort 4 students
From mid-2022 – students are in New Zealand ready to begin their study.