Migrant Investment policy in New Zealand

There is a range of visas if you want to run your own business or to live and invest in New Zealand:

Investor 1 category visa

Investor 1 applicants can apply under this category if the investor has stayed for a minimum of 73 days in New Zealand in three years and has invested NZ$10 million.

Investor 2 category visa

Investor 1 applicants can apply under this category if the investor is under 65 years and has a business experience of a minimum of 3 years with NZ$1.5 million invested in four years. The individual also needs to have stayed a minimum of 146 days in New Zealand.

Applicants under both categories must meet health and character requirements as specified by the government.

Employee of a relocating business

You are eligible for this if you are an employee of a business relocating to New Zealand, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise must support this.

Global Impact Residence Visa

You can be eligible for this if you have had a Global Impact work visa in New Zealand for at least 30 months and are supported by the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneurs with business opportunities in New Zealand are eligible to apply for the Entrepreneur Work Visa. The application is points-based and is based solely on the applicant's experience in managerial and  entrepreneurial expertise, capital invested, etc. A successful applicant can get a three-year Entrepreneur work visa to establish and grow their business.

Once the applicant's business is established for at least two years and they can demonstrate the economic benefits the country has received, they can then apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa in New Zealand.

Family Visa

Some categories for members who are eligible to apply for family visa in New Zealand:

  • Partner – If you are the husband, wife, or civil union partner of a citizen or resident in New Zealand. Proof of living together genuinely for a minimum of 12 months is a must.
  • Dependent Child –  If you are a dependent child with a parent who is a citizen or resident in New Zealand.
  • Parent – You can be eligible if your child (adult) has been a resident in New Zealand for at least three years. The parent must meet a particular income requirement under the Tier 1 category or clear the centre of gravity test for the Tier 2 Category. (Please note that this category is currently closed and under review by Immigration New Zealand)
  • Parent Retirement – You can apply for this if your child (adult) is a New Zealand resident, provided you have an annual income of NZ $60,000 and another NZ $1 million to invest for four years. In addition, you must also have NZ $500,000 for living expenses.

Contact us to know if you are eligible and to receive additional information on how to apply for a visa for New Zealand. Our expert immigration adviser will get in touch with you for a detailed assessment of your profile and can assist you in preparing a solid visa application for New Zealand.