Competency Assessment Program (CAP) for Nurses

Competency Assessment Program (CAP) allows internationally Registered Nurses to apply at the New Zealand Nursing Council. This program will enable nurses to get certified as Registered Nurses in New Zealand and work in healthcare sector.

CAP duration and benefits:

  • The course comprises six weeks of training, with 10 classroom days and 20 clinical.
  • The candidate receives a registered nursing certification accredited by the New Zealand Nursing Council.
  • The course gives a structured idea on nurses' professional responsibility, management of nursing care, health care, and quality improvement as required by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

Career opportunities:

  • Work as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.
  • Work anywhere in the healthcare sector.
  • Delegate and supervise the daily duties of enrolled nurses and caregiver professionals.
  • Can apply for postgraduate courses.

Requirements for international applicants
International applicants must contact the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) and receive a letter that would include English language proficiency for the individual and an additional list of requirements.

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