Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration pilot program began in 2017 as a part of a joint initiative to boost economic growth in Canada’s Atlantic provinces by bringing in skilled workers. To qualify for this program, applicants must have an official job offer from a designated employer.

The 4 Atlantic provinces are:

  •     New Brunswick
  •     Newfoundland and Labrador
  •     Nova Scotia
  •     Prince Edward Island

This program facilitates immigration for each of the parties:

–       Foreign nationals or skilled workers.
–       Employers designated by the government to hire foreign nationals.
–       A publicly funded institution recently graduated.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It started as a program for economic benefits for smaller communities, and this created a pathway for skilled foreign workers to work and live permanently in one of these communities.

This program includes communities in

  •     Ontario
  •     Manitoba
  •     Saskatchewan
  •     Alberta
  •     British Columbia
  •     Nunavut
  •     the Northwest Territories
  •     Yukon

Requirements to apply for permanent residence under this pilot:

–       IRCC eligibility requirements and community-specific requirements.
–       Find eligible employment in one of the communities.

Family Sponsorship

Candidates can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada if they are 18 years old & above and are:

–       A Canadian citizen
–       A person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
–       A Canadian PR holder

Family sponsorship is for the following categories:

  •     Spouse sponsorship
  •     Child or dependant sponsorship
  •     Parent or Grandparent sponsorship

Caregiver Program

Canada has provided two programs for caregivers to get employed and obtain their PR.

  • Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • Home Support Worker Pilot

The two pilot programs were launched for international caregivers who:

–       Have Canadian work experience or a job offer in hand
–       Have the needed education
–       Language proficiency

Caregivers who meet all the requirements but do not have 24 months of Canadian work experience are issued an occupation-restricted open work permit.

Start-Up Visa Program

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is for entrepreneurs with the skills to build businesses that:

–       Are innovative
–       Can create jobs for Canadians
–       Can compete on a global scale

Do you have an innovative business idea? You can get to immigrate to Canada if a designated organization is willing to support this business idea.

Self Employed Persons Program

The Self-employed Persons Program allows people to immigrate to Canada permanently as self-employed people.

To meet the requirements of this program, applicants must:

  •     Have experience in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level.
  •     Make good contributions to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.

Candidates interested in immigrating as a self-employed person must:

–       Have relevant experience
–       Be willing and able to be self-employed in Canada
–       Meet the program’s selection criteria
–       Meet medical, security, and other conditions

Agri-Food Pilot

The Agri-Food pilot program in Canada is industry-specific and will run until May 2023. Most workers will mainly be in the meat processing, animal raising, green housing, and mushroom production sectors. Eligible candidates for the Agri-food pilot Canada program must have a valid job offer and work experience in specialized occupations.

Workers who want to settle and remain in Canada will be:

  •     Non-seasonal livestock
  •     Farmworkers who have the intention